Learn to Paint Like a Professional

Learn to Paint Like a Professional the Tingle Way


Are you planning an interior painting project around your home. Are you afraid that it won’t look like it was done by a professional. What if you had someone to help you plan your entire project, help you to understand all about the products and materials that you will need, and advise you through the whole painting process? How would you like to have a professional painting coach? What if you could have this for a mere fraction of what it would cost to have a professional paint your home? NOW YOU CAN!

With our e-book and coaching packages, you’ll have all of the help you need to complete your painting project. Please take advantage of our Free consultation. See details below.

E-book & Coaching Packages

Package 1 – E-book Only

If you are the type of person who can accomplish your goal by simply reading a do-it-yourself guide, you can download my e-book. It is easy to read and very thorough.Only $14.99!

Package 2

If you would like to download the e-book and discuss it in more detail, I offer a 30 minute, one on one, phone session to answer your questions. Only $29.99 (with complimentary e-book)

Package 3

With this package, you’ll have two 30 minute, one on one, phone sessions. In the first session, we’ll discuss the e-book in a little more detail, and in the second session we’ll discuss and plan your project. Only $54.99 (with complimentary e-book)

Package 4

This is our deluxe package. You’ll have three 30 minute, one on one, phone sessions. The first session will be for discussing the e-book in detail, the second session will be for planning your project, and in the third session we’ll go into detail about the actual painting, or application, process. Just $79.99 (with complimentary e-book)

You will be redirected to download the ebook once the purchase is complete. If you purchase a package that includes one or more of the one on one phone sessions, I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule those sessions. They can be scheduled at your convenience whether it be daytime, evening, or even weekends!

Also, with all packages, I offer unlimited e-mail support. If you’re having a problem with your project, and the answer isn’t in the e-book, and we didn’t cover it with any of our phone sessions, you can send me an e-mail and we’ll take care of the problem together. Remember, this is unlimited. If a little visual help is needed, I can even put together a little how-to video for you to help with something that you may be struggling with. I want to make sure that you’re comfortable until your job is done.

Before you choose a package, I also offer a FREE consultation to help you decide which package may be right for you. During your consultation, we can discuss your project, and any previous experience you may already have with painting. For your FREE consultation, please call our office at 614-877-3101 or send me an email at davidtingle@sbcglobal.net and include your contact information and the best time to reach you, and I’ll get back with you promptly. I always suggest to my clients to take advantage of this FREE consultation because it is a good way for you to get to know me a little bit before before we get started.

The same information that you’ll find in my e-book, is the same that we apply to each and every job we do. My E-Book Includes Chapters On:

Planning This chapter will help you look at the big picture. We talk about choosing the day that you paint, figuring how much time you need, and how big your project will be. Also, the mindset before painting.

Building Your Supply List In this chapter, I’ll show you what supplies you’ll need, and I’ll talk in detail about each of them. You’ll be able to determine which items are necessary, are which ones aren’t.

Preparation In this chapter I talk about everything including, moving furniture, removing outlet covers, removing window coverings, taping, and all the wall prep. I will also share a couple of my special tips to help save you time and minimize clean-up.

Painting Here you will learn everything you need to know about the actual painting process. We’ll talk about the brushwork and rolling your walls.

We also have chapters on: Clean-Up, Painting Woodwork, Painting Ceilings, & Choosing Colors!

Doug and Margaret write:

Thanks for sending along the “Paint Like a Professional” e-book. After you and your team finished painting the newly renovated living and dining areas of our house, we took on the old kitchen ourselves. By following the tips in the book, like using flat paint on the ceiling, working down from the top, and so on, we felt confident in doing the work, and we’re very happy with the results. It looks more “Professional” than anything we’ve done in the past!
Thanks again and keep up the good work.
Doug and Margaret
Columbus, OH

Another one of our recent customers sent this message:
“I used Dave Tingle’s E book and Dave as a “painting coach” for my last painting project and it was a wonderful experience! Dave was easy to understand as he walked me through some of the techniques that he demonstrates in the book. I specifically used his coaching with the taping and caulking portion of the project and am very happy with how it turned out! My home painting project looks like a pro did it! I am already looking forward to using Dave as my coach on the next painting project”.
Billy M. (Columbus, Oh)

And another satisfied customer sent along this message:
“Although I was extremely pleased with your work as a painting contractor, I’ve found that, because of today’s economy, I have more time than money. Being a perfectionist, however, I’ve never been happy with the results of my previous painting projects. I found your eBook ‘Paint Like A Professional’ and our e-mail exchanges were extremely helpful. I used your tips to paint a bedroom and it truly looks professional. Instead of dreading the thought of painting another bedroom, I’m actually looking forward to it” .
Gary L. (Columbus, Oh)

Please check out the many products that I’ve showcased on the “Featured Products” page. Many of these products will be needed, at some point, to complete your project. Some of the other products are some that I use on a daily or weekly basis and highly recommend.

Visit my blog for additional information on painting and products, and my Amazon A-Store for bargains and other products I recommend! I’m certain that we have a package that will help you with your project, information on all of the products and tools that you’ll need, and, above all, I feel very confident that I can show you how to paint like a professional…

The Tingle Way”

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