Textured Garage Ceilings

By: Dave Tingle

Recently we repainted the inside of an average two-car garage. There were the typical areas where the drywall tape was coming apart and, as you can imagine, lots of wall prep that needed to be done. After the proper wall preparation, the walls turned out great. The ceiling was a different story.

A lot of times, textured ceilings are done over bare drywall, throughout the home and in the garage. It’s not usually a problem inside, where there is a consistent temperature, but in a garage that isn’t heated, this can become a problem. When the temperature fluctuates throughout the year, the material used to texture the ceiling, may not get the maximum adhesion that it should. Now, this problem may not show up for a long time, kind of like popcorn ceilings that do not become a problem until you try to paint them.

In the case of this garage ceiling, there was no sign of a problem until I started to roll the paint onto the surface. Instead of the paint rolling onto the ceiling, the texture of the ceiling came of on my roller. Yes, this is what I call a nightmare, but only because I was expecting to have the garage done that day. I know that when this happens, the best course of action is to scrape the texture off of the ceiling. This is what we did. The good thing is, that when we discovered this problem, we stop rolling the paint immediately, and started scraping. It took about a half an hour to get the texture off of the ceiling. Once we started to scrape with a 4″ putty knife, the texture came off easily. The best way, is to let it fall to the floor, keeping the garage door down to contain the mess, sweep up as much as we can with a good push broom and dustpan, we used a shovel for a dustpan, and then thoroughly sweep the entire floor with a good shop vac.

Once the texture is completely down from the ceiling, you’ll see where the drywall seems are, and of course, they will need to be skimmed with a good lightweight spackling compound. In our case a used mesh tape (Fiba-Tape) for the seems, and skimmed over them. We then had to wait until the next day to sand these areas. The next day, we sanded our areas and painted the ceiling.

Sometimes we run into the unexpected, and when this happens, you deal with the problem at hand, and go on. If you run into an unexpected problem, shoot me an email, and I’ll try to help. Also, don’t forget to check out my e-book, “Paint Like A Professional, The Tingle Way”, for more helpful tips.

Until Next Time!


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