The 18″ Rolling System

Another product that has helped us do our jobs a little easier, is the 18″ rolling system. Of course, the18″ roller can cover twice as much wall space as the 9″ roller, but what I like best is that with the 18″ frame, the roller cover is supported on both sides, not just one. It really helps us to roll the paint on more evenly ensuring a nice smooth finish.

Because the roller is much bigger, you would need a bigger pan to roll out of. We use an 18″ bucket designed for this kind of painting. So, all in all, this system consists of the adjustable 18″ frame, the roller cover, and the 18″ bucket . This system is probably around $50.00, but is well worth it if you are painting your whole house.

I’ve shown this system to a lot people and I know that some of them won’t use anything else. It can be a lot of fun to paint with this system. If you’re new to painting, you may not want to start off this way. You might want to get used to using a 9″ roller first. Then once you’ve mastered that, try moving up to the 18″.

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