9″ Roller Frame & 6’Ladder

Every day I’m going to talk a little bit about all of the painting products shown here on my site. The 9″ Sherlock roller frame is probably the strongest of all the frames I’ve used. As you probably know, 9″ frames are only supported on one side so that you can slide the roller cover on to it. These frames are only as strong as the metal used to make it. The Sherlock frame lasts a long time and is great for spreading paint on evenly.

The 6′ Werner fiberglass stepladder is another piece of equipment that we use just about every day. Fiberglass ladders are a little more expensive but they are heavier and stronger than aluminum. These ladders feel sturdier to me as well. I don’t mind height as long as I feel good about the ladder that is under me. 6′ ladders are nice in any situation because most rooms are an average of 8′. There are many uses on the outside of your home, as well. This size is perfect for a lot of tasks.

I will talk about different products every day so check back often.


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