Pre-Catalyzed Waterbased Epoxy

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a great product from Sherwin Williams called “Pre-Catalyzed Waterbased Epoxy” (PCWE), and this is some tough stuff.

I was working in a kitchen that had an island, and it was where the kids would have their breakfast and do their homework. As in a lot of cases, this was the family gathering point. Because most kids have a bit of nervous energy, they would tend to kick the island below the counter top. In this case, it wasn’t too bad, but it was pretty scuffed and the previous paint finish wasn’t able to be cleaned.

My friends at Sherwin Williams suggested that I try (PCWE). My first thought was, that with most epoxy’s, it will be a 2 or 3 part process, take a lot of time, and probably have a very strong odor. They explained that this product can be applied as easy as any latex paint, and has minimal odor. This stuff was great. It also dried quickly so that I could re-coat it that day.

As for durability, (PCWE) dries very hard, like any epoxy, and can be cleaned easily. (PCWE) can be applied to most surfaces, but at this point, is only meant for interior use. It can be brushed, rolled, and sprayed. It also comes in different sheens.

If your looking for a product that will take a beating, clean easily, and is easy to use, check out Pre-Catalyzed Waterbased Epoxy.


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