Holiday Painting!

I know, I know, no one wants to think about the holidays just yet, but there’s no denying that they’re coming, and they’re coming fast. Retailers are already setting up displays, and I even heard mention of holiday preparation on television the other day. Personally, I’ve always liked the last couple of months of the year, and all of the hype leading into the holidays.

Some folks think because of the cooler weather, the holidays, and Winter being around the corner, that this is the worst time of year to do any home improvements. Not true. Last year, I spent the week of Christmas working for one of my favorite families. They were baking cookies, and we were listening to Christmas music on the radio. It was great!

Some people feel that it’s better to wait until after the decorations come down to do any painting. I know that when we take our decorations down, and the holidays are over, there seems to be a feeling of disappointment, and I don’t feel excited about doing much of anything. Wouldn’t it be nice to take down the decorations, and lightly dust off the walls, knowing that your walls are freshly painted? Sure it would.

In the time that it takes to do a little shopping, you could have a room painted. With my clean working environment, you could do quite a bit of painting without feeling that your house is totally under construction.

Because the holidays will get here quick, it’s best to call soon for your Free estimate.

We also offer gift certificates for painting. Yes, you can give the gift of painting to that special someone.

If you’re thinking of having some painting done before the end of the year, please give me a call. I would love to help you add some color to your home for the holidays.

Dave Tingle

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