Chomp Pro Ultimate Cleaner-Degreaser

Recently I was introduced to a product called “Chomp Pro Ultimate Cleaner-Degreaser”. This product is amazing. A few weeks ago, we were doing an exterior project that included cleaning all of the gutters and downspouts along with painting the wood trim.

In the past, when it came to the gutters and downspouts, I would use a product like “soft scrub”, and clean them by hand. This time I asked around about other products and I was told about “Chomp Pro”. All I had to do was spray a little on the gutter, wait just a moment, and wipe clean. It really cleaned the gutters nicely, and was much quicker and easier than any other product that I’ve used.

Last week, I used it on a couple of tough glue spots after removing some wallpaper, and it cut right through the glue. Today, I cleaned a metal exhaust fan that was covered with nicotine, and it worked great.

Chomp Pro is non-toxic, biodegradable, and non-flammable. I found this product at Pittsburgh Paint, and I’m sure it’s available at other paint and home improvement stores.

If you need a great cleaner-degreaser, I’m sold on Chomp Pro!

Dave Tingle

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