Paint Brushes & Roller Covers

By: Dave Tingle

We all know that paint brushes and roller covers are essential to any painting project, because they are the tools used to apply the paint to the surface, but, which ones are the best to use.

As for brushes, I use a 2.5″ angled sash nylon brush. Nylon brushes are usually good for all types of paints and primers, the angled sash helps when cutting in at the ceiling, and the 2.5″ size is a comfortable size for my hand. Since everyone is different, I suggest going to your local paint or home improvement store and see which size feels best for you.

When it comes to roller covers, I use the lambswool roller covers because they can be cleaned repeatedly, and they don’t shed like a lot of the cheaper covers. If you’ve ever noticed little fibers in your paint finish, it’s usually because a cheap cover was used originally. The lambswool covers come in all sizes and naps, and are a little more expensive, but, they will last a lot longer and give you a much nicer finish.

Check out our “Featured Products” page for more information. Good luck with your painting!


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